Opt-In Email Marketing: What is It and How to Do It the Right Way

With almost all marketing campaigns and social media strategies unique and out of the ordinary, email marketing puts your business in a positive light with your customers.

Interfering with and sending various unsolicited marketing campaigns can do more harm than good to your business.

Of course, putting your products or services in front of your customers, but in a world where people can filter out what they can and cannot see, that strategy will never change anyone. It will only annoy your audience and possibly block your business.

Given these facts, it is important to know what a login email is and how businesses should do it properly.


What is Email Marketing Entry?

The word “enter” means to engage in or participate in something. “By email marketing”, you know that the use of email is to promote products or services.

So in its simplest form, email marketing entries ask your audience if they would like to join your email list.

Asking for permission before sending it with marketing ads, Seth Godin called this “sales permit”. He also explained that:

“The sales permit recognizes that treating people with respect is the best way to get their attention.”

This means that infographics and content of attractive videos are not the only things that can attract attention, asking for their permission is one way to do so.

Through email marketing, you get to ask your audience if it’s okay for them to get promotional material, email newsletters, and other email marketing campaigns.

This is very different from other marketing strategies as most of them show your campaign without the consent of the people.


The fact that people are subscribed to your email list means they want to hear about your business or blog. It does not waste any effort on making marketing to people who are not interested in the first place.

Sometimes, in order to convince people that they have chosen to enter the mailing list, businesses will present an incentive to them. This can come in the form of a free eBook, research materials, video content, or access to a special product.

Single vs Double entry option

single marketing vs double email penetration
Before we get into how we do it right, let’s first get a quick look at what email marketing is one and two.

Selecting one entry
One entry means that the customer can join your email list immediately by entering the required information on the form.

For this type of login, no other actions are required to join the list.

They will automatically receive emails from your business as soon as they click that “Submit” button.

Optional double login

Choosing a double entry on one side requires another step to finally be listed. After completing the form they will still receive another email confirming whether they want to join.

The reason businesses are looking for a double entry is to reduce the chances of emails going directly to a spam folder. Additionally, this additional step tells the business how much the customer is interested.


Which is better for opting in to emails?

Some retailers believe that choosing a single entry is better because they do not want to risk that extra step. Their concern is that requiring additional actions from the end of the customer may result in a change of mindset and not a continuation of joining the list.

Although there are single entrants to the entry, you can bet that there are also people who believe in choosing a double entry as a top choice. For them, that extra step determines how interested the customer is.


They want that data to see that their marketing efforts are going to the right people.

While many disagree on which one is better, we believe it all depends on personal preference.

Instead of influencing what you use, we would like to show you what each one does.


How Can You Do It Right?

In this section of the post, let’s break it down into two sections – the first section deals with the content of the entry form, a feature often provided by your email marketing tool. The second section is about how to use the login form correctly.


5 Content Tips for Your Login Form

1. Create an eye-catching theme

Research shows that the average visitor to a website spends 15 seconds or less on a website. Which means you only have a few seconds to catch up and catch them.

As with blogs and video content, the first thing I can catch my eye is a great topic. You have seen this work in newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

So in order for people to pay attention to your form, your title should be eye-catching.

Many news articles highlight the benefits of a magnetic field, while others ask a question to arouse their interest.


2. Use dots to highlight product features

Note how this eCommerce store highlighted product features through dots. This is very important because it can save your customers time.

Now use the same concept in your login form. Knowing that you have only a few seconds to work, it is beneficial to indicate what the customer will get when they subscribe to your email list. As an example below:

Just put yourself in the place of your audience, what would you choose to read? A completed form or summary of what you will get in dots?


3. Be creative with your photos

The entry form of the design is usually eye-catching and attracts attention. It can actually be the title or design of a form that attracts website visitors to your form.

Some websites post a picture of a leading magnet to let people see what they are getting when they sign up. This is always a better choice than a word-filled form – give if you have more space for your form.

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