What is a Good Average Open Rate for Email Marketing?

No matter what industry you are in, there is no doubt that email marketing is still important. This is true, despite the fact that most of us receive a lot of emails every day. In addition, email programs are increasingly distinguishing between commercial content and immediate attention.

Here’s the thing, though: email marketing is still very popular. People love the fact that they can open an email, and then not take action on it until later. For example, if you are a fashion designer, someone might open an email in the morning. Then, they’ll come in later and check out the full pants. With that in mind, what is the best open level of email marketing? Let’s take a look.


What is the Email Opening Rate, though?

In short, the average open rate of email marketing is a reflection of how often emails are opened by their recipients. From a numerical point of view, it is calculated as follows: (unique total opens / total recipients) x 100. Your result is ultimately expressed as a percentage, making the KPI very useful.

There is, however, some controversy when it comes to which recipients should be counted. Clearly, some pull out explicit emails to the recipients altogether. The assumption is that fake emails have never had a chance to open anyway, so they don’t really reflect the functionality of the email. However, I prefer to keep them as the standard life of a complete list because if you cut your list regularly, the bounces should be kept to a minimum. Bounces are still expensive to send, so it is in your best interest to reduce them.


Why is High Open Rate Important?

No matter what type of products or services you sell, you want your emails to be visible, right?!?!? Having a high level of open email marketing means that people are interested in what you are going to say. It also shows that your subject lines are forcing people to open that email. With that in mind, here are some statistics that can help you determine what your product should be expecting.


Mailchimp data from October 2019

There is no question that some industries are doing better than others. As mentioned, the average for all industries is set to be 21.33%. This number equates to just over 1 of 5 open emails.

However, some industries outnumber this number. The top industries are government (28.77%), entertainment (27.74%), religious (27.62%), arts and crafts (26.27%), and nonprofits (25.17%). These industries tend to be information or something with a high level of interest from recipients. Some are a big part of the recipient’s life.

On the other side of the scale, the lower open prices were for vitamin supplements (15.03%), daily deals / e-coupons (15.06%), ecommerce (15.68%), beauty and personal care (16.65%), and marketing and advertising (16.0%). 17.38%). These industries are highly competitive, periodically purchased, or have a low level of product reliability. For example, even ecommerce essentials like fashion are not bought every week. Most buyers will buy bulk, then pause and not open emails.


Continuous Communication Data from May 2021

A few years after Mailchimp data, Constant Contact found that the average across all industries was 19.84%. That gives us a decrease of about 1.5%, and means less than 1 in 5 emails are open. This could be a change in consumer trends, or it could be a natural variation in behavioral patterns. A large number of emails can explain this decline.

Yet when it comes to industries that excel, many retain their place while others go down or down. The industries with the highest open rate of email marketing were Independent Artists, Writers and Players (34.40%); Education (34.12%); Tourism and Tourism (32.60%); Religious Based Organizations (32.48%); and Recreation, Sport and Recreation (29.23%).

Honestly, the shifts are not surprising. For example, we see more people going on vacation now as the year-old cabinet flu from COVID-19 is getting older. The same goes for both education and sports, both of which took a back seat last year.

Another surprise was a list of industries with a low average level of open email marketing. These were Repair and Maintenance (6.17%), Legal Services (12.89%), Stores (12.90%), Manufacturing (13.78%), and Transportation (13.88%). People are on the move, and these industries are likely to take up some background space. On the other hand, sales performed much better in 2019. World events that are in line with Bible Prophecy affect what is open and when!


Get Response data from June 2020

Get the Answer rate of the open email marketing rate published in an interesting time. What it does, however, provide us with interesting comparisons with other data sets.

The study found that the average open rate was 22.02%, a higher percentage than the others quoted in this article. But not so much: it looks like the numbers for 2019.

That being said, the top industries were Nonprofits (30.85%), Restaurants and restaurants (30.09%), Real Estate (28.37%), Health Care (26.88%), and Arts and Entertainment (25.97%). On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest were Internet Marketing (14.97%), Communications (19.56%), Technology & High Tech (19.87%), Publishing (22.17%), and Education (22.42%).


Acoustic campaign data from December 2020

Another study that appeared a few months later shows that the open rate of email marketing is 15.4%. This is much lower than the 2019 and 2021 numbers. Then there’s December, when there are so many emails because of the holidays.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the uncertainty of that time period, the highest industries were Energy & Environment (31.2%), Insurance (30.0%), Hospitals & Healthcare (29.9%), Government (27%), and Computer Software (25.5%). And since everyone was stuck at home and plenty of people were out of work, the lowest industries were Travel Agencies & Services (8%), Retail (12%), Media & Publishing (13%), Consumer Services (13%), and Leisure Sports & Recreation (14.5%).

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