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Oct 9, 2023

Quality Home Services for All Your Needs

At Waterverzachter Aqua Group, we take great pride in offering exceptional home services to our customers. Whether you require plumbing repairs, water purification services, or the installation of a PFAS drinkwater filter, our team of experts is here to help you.

With years of industry experience, we have built a solid reputation for delivering top-notch solutions to homeowners throughout Belgium. We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient home service provider, and that is why we go above and beyond to exceed our customers' expectations.

Expert Plumbing Services

Our highly skilled plumbers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any plumbing issue you may encounter. From fixing a leaky faucet to repairing burst pipes, we have got you covered. We believe that a well-functioning plumbing system is essential for a comfortable home, and our goal is to ensure your plumbing works flawlessly.

With Waterverzachter Aqua Group, you can expect prompt and reliable service. We offer efficient solutions that address the root cause of the problem, enabling you to enjoy long-term peace of mind. Our plumbers undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest industry trends, guaranteeing the highest level of expertise.

Enhance Your Water Quality with Water Purification Services

Waterverzachter Aqua Group specializes in providing comprehensive water purification services. We understand that access to clean and safe drinking water is vital for your health and well-being. Our dedicated team will assess your water source and customize a purification system to remove impurities effectively.

Our advanced water purification systems utilize state-of-the-art technology to eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. With our expert solutions, you can enjoy refreshing, great-tasting water that promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

The Importance of PFAS Drinkwater Filters

One of our key focuses at Waterverzachter Aqua Group is the implementation of PFAS drinkwater filters. Given the increasing concerns about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water, our filters are designed to provide an effective solution.

PFAS are persistent chemicals that have been linked to various health risks. By installing a PFAS drinkwater filter, you can significantly reduce the levels of these harmful substances in your water supply. Our filters are meticulously engineered to remove PFAS particles, ensuring your water is safe and contaminant-free.

At Waterverzachter Aqua Group, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean and healthy drinking water. Our PFAS drinkwater filters are designed to meet the highest industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and the confidence that you are safeguarding your health and the well-being of your loved ones.


Waterverzachter Aqua Group is your reliable partner for all your home service needs. From plumbing repairs to water purification services and PFAS drinkwater filters, our team of experts is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

By choosing Waterverzachter Aqua Group, you ensure that your home is equipped with high-quality products and solutions that enhance your comfort and well-being. Trust our expertise and allow us to provide you with exceptional service that puts your needs first.

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